Is Cloria Terrebonne for me? I learn more about it
Terrace or large balcony
5 appliances
Air conditioning
Cable TV
Virtual platform for personalized home services
Wifi everywhere
Charging stations for electric cars available
Local catering services
Secure environment 24/7
Community director
Car wash

If you like to be active and pursue all your pastimes in complete autonomy,

if you are looking for a bustling neighbourhood,

if you want an all-inclusive package,

then Cloria is for you.

Cloria Terrebonne’s Comfort

Cloria’s units are designed to foster your personal development. Each apartment has a private terrace or balcony, five home appliances, and includes internet, heating, air-conditioning, telephone and much more!

The Cloria Promise

Cloria is dedicated to creating connected real estate complexes built on the values of diversity, solidarity and inclusion. Much more than a living environment, it’s the promise of a connected community spirit, where sharing, enhanced living and collective enrichment are paramount.